During Systemic Psychotherapy, the family works together with the therapist to clarify the relationships that concern them and to discover new ways to live and communicate with each other.

Issues arise from a teenager’s attitude that are related to beliefs, choices, and parents’ actions that are questioned.

In order for the teenager to create an identity, it is required to belong in a steady system. Achieving a healthy adolescent autonomy requires parents to remain honest, flexible, with a personal purpose of life and balanced personal relationships.

The individual psychotherapy of adolescents requires clear rules of honesty, appreciation, acceptance, and availability. It creates the conditions so that the teenager can take on his personal responsibility.

Effective individual psychotherapy for adolescents works in parallel with psychotherapeutic work with the parents.

Session duration

50 min

Our stories talk

“I thought that no one understood me and I would always be the child that is causing problems. This is how I always remember myself as a child. I finally saw that I am what I want, and that in order to conquer what I dream of, I simply have to claim it.”
A.T, 17 years old, boy
“With Michelle I felt I could discuss everything. Without judging whether I am a good student or if I am beautiful. I was just myself. I learned to love and care for myself! “
R.F, 16 years old, girl