It is well known that adolescence is a period with particular characteristics in our evolutionary development from children to adults. Everything in this phase of our lives changes: our body, our voice, our moods, our interests, our goals. At the same time, it is a period that more rights are recognized, but along with them obligations grow.

During Adolescent Counseling, by recognizing the above difficulties, we try to listen, to understand and support youth, within a stable frame of reference that provides them security, confidence, but also boundaries. Through sincere dialogue, patience and understanding, we help them to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns while at the same time highlight the strengths, values ​​and dreams of each child in order to build their own strong character, by having faith in themselves for achieving their goals.

During this period we will be faced with issues such as:

  • Relationships with parents, classmates, peers
  • Behavioral problems in the family, school environment or friendships
  • Anxiety, stress about “normality” (height, weight, appearance, sexuality)
  • Search for personal identity
  • Concepts of “success”/”failure”

Session duration

50 min