Career Counseling involves a discussion with the counselor, where the client speaks openly about desires, dreams, anxieties, fears, or anything else related to the choice of professional direction. Based on the strongest points of personality, abilities and interests of the individual, some professional choices are proposed. After that, if it is considered necessary and useful for the client, the client takes internationally recognized and reliable psychometric tests that highlight their strengths.

A test, however, is not evidence of an individual’s path and it can only be used as an indication. The counselor and the client discuss these proposals while also informing parents (mandatory for people under 18). When the client decides which path they want to follow, the counselor can help with that choice by creating an action plan with them. The counselor then supports the process of selecting a University and country for their studies as well as support during the application process.

The role of the Professional Guidance Counselor is:

  • To help you solve your concerns,
  • To listen to you without judging you,
  • To support your choices,
  • To help with the application process
  • To help with writing a curriculum vitae/personal statement
  • To help you have a better picture of the labor market,
  • To help you know yourself and your strengths,
  • To plan directions with you, but not make decisions for you.

Session duration

50 min

Our stories talk

“Everybody was telling me how indecisive I am and that I will not decide what I finally want to study. I was just telling them that I do not know what I’m good at and what I like! So simple. I am very happy that this year I will attend University and will study what I like. I made it!”

K.N, 19 years old, man