Psychotherapy and Marriage Counseling focus on one or more issues that the couple wants to resolve. In couple’s therapy, emphasis is placed on recognizing and exploiting the strengths and abilities that each partner has and brings within the relationship in order to improve communication (facilitating expression of emotions, training in communication techniques) and in more effective expression of oppressed thoughts and feelings, in order to bring satisfaction and pleasure on both sides of the relationship.

There are many ways to improve the way we communicate with our partner, especially by learning to listen more actively, by balancing our behavior with that of our partner’s and by communicating according to the way they wish to listen, achieving our goal.

All this is fundamental for the constant balance in our relationship, as well as the mechanism of our effective communication with others!

Session duration

50 min

Our stories talk

“After 9 years of marriage we decided to ask for help. Whatever we said to friends and relatives was just a repetition of what we already knew. Eventually after our visit to Michelle for couple’s therapy, we remembered why we fell in love with each other and that we want to stay strong.”

A.R, 36 years old, woman and T.K, 39 years old, man