• Systemic Approach
  • Individual – Couple – Family

By creating the necessary space for feelings and difficulties to be expressed in a safe context, psychotherapy gives the chance to an individual, couple, family or group to know in depth their selves, recognize their needs and desires and choose their own paths in life.

The Systemic Approach of Psychotherapy refers to the process that happens during the meeting of two “experts”; a person (or group) that asks for help and the therapist that offers the experience, knowledge and an organized communication and psychotherapy relationship framework that will relieve human suffering, find answers to omit daily life’s dilemmas, seek a way out from subjective dead ends of life and offer confrontation of the personal crisis.

During the psychotherapeutic cooperation, the way in which a malfunctioning in client’s personal life has been established, is assessed and diagnosed. During this meeting, malfunctions are revealed, alternative choices are proposed, dark paths are illuminated and supportive systems are created.

Systemic Psychotherapy can take place in different forms depending on the needs and demands:

  • Individual Systemic therapy
  • Systemic therapy for couples
  • Systemic therapy for families
  • Systemic therapy for groups

Issues that can be addressed:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Physical disorders
  • Psychoses

  • Trauma
  • Abuse and Violence
  • Couple’s difficulties
  • Family communication difficulties

Session duration

50 min

Our stories talk

“Through therapy I realized what I think of myself, what others think of me and finally what is really true!”
H.E, 27 years ol, man

“Deciding to begin psychotherapy was something I decided to do, but never realized how hard it gets sometimes! I had my ups and downs, happy moments of realizing the “good” things on me, and the “bad” times that turned today, into magic happy moments! I am really happy that I have been through the whole process, and I would do it over again!!!”

P.A, 26 years old, woman

“And they say men do not cry! I had always been thinking, why so much pressure? Why so many “have-to’s”? I am the same person who cried and still cries when I am feeling it. The difference is that I do not feel bad doing it anymore! And finally I know how to smile too. Thank you.”

D.P, 35 years old, man
“I heard the phrase “when there is a will there is a way” so many times and I confess that many times it caused me more stress than self-confidence. I believe that most people hesitate at the willing part. Personally, therapy gave me the ability to listen to my needs, which is not always easy. Michelle, I know you think I’ve done it myself but I had you next to me throughout this journey.”
S.V, 26 years old, woman

“The circle of perception through discussion is redeeming! From thought to freedom of expression and by hearing the perception of reality, redeems us! “

S.A, 28 years old, man

“One of the finest things I’ve done for myself. Through the process of psychotherapy, you become “more beautiful”, “wiser” and “taller”. The soul needs time and effort to brighten after years of darkness and you managed to do it. Thank you.”

A.K, 29 years old, woman