GCDF is an international recognized certificate, designed to be flexible and meet the specific needs of every country. GCDF coordinators work with local career development experts to create a framework that is strict enough to ensure quality and sensitivity to local realities.

The EBCC (European Board of Certified Counselors) and the CCE (Center of Credentialing and Education) promote certification of countries as a valid quality indicator.

Benefits of GCDF include:

  • National Certificate
  • Employability certification in the labor market
  • Definition of purpose and practice
  • Experienced trainers
  • Specialized continuous education for professionals

GCDF is a program developed to offer recognition to career development professionals around the world and to promote a lifelong learning philosophy. Based on the Global Career Development Facilitator program, a collaboration effort initiated in 1997 by the Center of Credentialing and Education (CCE), the National Career Development Association (NCDA) and the National Occupational Information Coordination Committee (NOICC), the GCDF program was created and adapted to the needs of each country. At present, GCDF is available in 17 countries: Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Korea, North Macedonia, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Taiwan, Singapore and the United States.

GCDF’s graduates are trained to help people; both individually and in a group environment, make the right decisions when considering their career progress. Through the use of best practices, various evaluation tools and career development models, GCDFs facilitate the personal and professional development of their clients by equipping each person with the necessary knowledge and skills.

Structure of the program:

The educational program is offered at a national level and is available in various forms of education to meet the needs of the participants: – 80 teaching hours – 40 supervised internship hours.

GCDF education and practice is anchored in 12 key areas of competence:

  • Counseling skills – Knowledge of the basic career guidance processes, including constructive interpersonal communication.
  • Labor Market, Sources of Information – Understand the labor market and professional information and trends.
  • Evaluation – knowledge and use of psychometric tools and exercises of professional development evaluation aimed at appropriate population groups.
  • Multiculturalism – Recognize the special needs of many groups and services tailored to them.
  • Ethical and Legal Issues – Studies on the GCDF’s Code of Ethics and knowledge of all current legal regulations.
  • Professional Development Models – Understanding theories and professional development techniques as they apply to the lifelong development, based on gender, age and nationality.
  • Employability Skills – Strategies and techniques for work placement research and placement techniques, especially when working with groups.
  • Client’s and Partner’s Training – Preparation and material development for educational programs and presentations.
  • Management/Implementation of Programs – Understanding programs and their implementation, and co-ordination in developing collaborations.
  • Promotion and Public Relations – Providing and promoting professional development programs.
  • Technology – Understanding and use of professional development applications via computers.
  • Supervision – Acceptance of suggestions for performance improvement from counselors and supervisors.

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GCDF is being implemented in Cyprus since 2010 in collaboration with the University of Nicosia, but also as an independent practice in Nicosia and Limassol. From 2010 until 2017 we are pleased to announce that there are more than 100 GCDF graduates, a fact that ranks Cyprus very high on the scoreboard compared to the other GCDF countries.

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Our Graduates!

Our stories talk

“GCDF. By doing some research you will find out that it is a worldwide diploma! I found out about it ‘accidentally’ and I can say that it saved me from wasting an entire year since I did not know how to continue with my studies in a postgraduate level. It did not disappoint me! On the contrary, it led me to Educational Psychology.”
Zapheiro Anastasiou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2011-2012
“Through GCDF certification, I have received useful and necessary knowledge for my development as a Career Counselor. More specifically, I have been taught the necessary skills and knowledge of Career Consultants in order to provide proper career guidance and counseling services. GCDF Career Consultants respond to a dynamic and continuously evolving labor market, focusing on the individual for maximum work performance and satisfaction.”
Florentia Michael, GCDF Consultant, Class 2016-2017
“My interest in personality development through professional career was what made me want to follow a program that would provide me with the relevant knowledge. My research ended when I learnt about the GCDF professional title. This program gave me complete knowledge in professional orientation, not only through the books but through experiential exercises, role-plays and of course through internship. Even more important is the fact that I have been provided with tools that I can use as a professional.”
Marigiorgia Voskaridou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2015-2016
“Through GCDF training I acquired very important counseling skills that helped me both professionally and personally. Not only you will be able to help your client develop in many areas of their life, but also you will be able to grow as an individual, make important decisions that before seemed impossible. “
Konstantina Dimitriou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2016-2017