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Individual – Family – Couple


By creating the necessary space for feelings and difficulties to be expressed in a safe context, psychotherapy gives the chance to an individual, couple, family or group…


Counseling is about a place where counselor and client meet and work together for client’s benefit.


Michelle Frantzi Journey to Talk center has been focusing in the field of education for the last 8 years by educating students, professionals and those interested in continuing education and personal development.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

“Journey to Talk” center offers psychotherapy, counseling and educational services since 2010. We specialize in individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescent, in marriage/couple counseling and family psychotherapy.

Our Psychotherapy/Counseling and Educational Centre was founded in 2010 based on three very important areas in all humans’ lives; psychotherapy, counseling and education. It is inspired and created by the Managing Director of the center, Mrs. Michelle Frantzi Karan aiming to provide a wide range of services, developing new programs at the same time.

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Our stories talks

“GCDF. By doing some research you will find out that it is a worldwide diploma! I found out about it ‘accidentally’ and I can say that it saved me from wasting an entire year since I did not know how to continue with my studies in a postgraduate level. It did not disappoint me! On the contrary, it led me to Educational Psychology.”
Zapheiro Anastasiou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2011-2012
“Through GCDF certification, I have received useful and necessary knowledge for my development as a Career Counselor. More specifically, I have been taught the necessary skills and knowledge of Career Consultants in order to provide proper career guidance and counseling services. GCDF Career Consultants respond to a dynamic and continuously evolving labor market, focusing on the individual for maximum work performance and satisfaction.”
Florentia Michael, GCDF Consultant, Class 2016-2017
“My interest in personality development through professional career was what made me want to follow a program that would provide me with the relevant knowledge. My research ended when I learnt about the GCDF professional title. This program gave me complete knowledge in professional orientation, not only through the books but through experiential exercises, role-plays and of course through internship. Even more important is the fact that I have been provided with tools that I can use as a professional.”
Marigiorgia Voskaridou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2015-2016
“Through GCDF training I acquired very important counseling skills that helped me both professionally and personally. Not only you will be able to help your client develop in many areas of their life, but also you will be able to grow as an individual, make important decisions that before seemed impossible. “
Konstantina Dimitriou, GCDF Consultant, Class 2016-2017

“Through therapy I realized what I think of myself, what others think of me and finally what is really true!”

H.E, 27 years old, man

“Deciding to begin psychotherapy was something I decided to do, but never realized how hard it gets sometimes! I had my ups and downs, happy moments of realizing the “good” things on me, and the “bad” times that turned today, into magic happy moments! I am really happy that I have been through the whole process, and I would do it over again!!!”

P. A, 26 years old, woman

“Therapy is the biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life and I feel very lucky that I asked for help. I thought my life was falling apart. My marriage, my relationship with my children, my job. Right now, after my experience and the so special relationship with Michelle, I wish that many women would find the strength to ask for help.”

K.N, 50 years old, woman

“And they say men do not cry! I had always been thinking, why so much pressure? Why so many “have-to’s”? I am the same person who cried and still cries when I am feeling it. The difference is that I do not feel bad doing it anymore! And finally I know how to smile too. Thank you.”

D.P, 35 years old, man

“I heard the phrase “when there is a will there is a way” so many times and I confess that many times it caused me more stress than self-confidence. I believe that most people hesitate at the willing part. Personally, therapy gave me the ability to listen to my needs, which is not always easy. Michelle, I know you think I’ve done it myself but I had you next to me throughout this journey.”

S.V, 26 years old, woman

“The circle of perception through discussion is redeeming! From thought to freedom of expression and by hearing the perception of reality, redeems us! ”

S.A, 28 years old, man

“One of the finest things I’ve done for myself. Through the process of psychotherapy, you become “more beautiful”, “wiser” and “taller”. The soul needs time and effort to brighten after years of darkness and you managed to do it. Thank you.”

A.K, 29 years old, woman

“After 9 years of marriage we decided to ask for help. Whatever we said to friends and relatives was just a repetition of what we already knew. Eventually after our visit to Michelle for couple’s therapy, we remembered why we fell in love with each other and that we want to stay strong.”

A.R, 36 years old, woman and T.K, 39 years old, man

“I thought that no one understood me and I would always be the child that is causing problems. This is how I always remember myself as a child. I finally saw that I am what I want, and that in order to conquer what I dream of, I simply have to claim it.”

A.T, 17 years old, boy

“With Michelle I felt I could discuss everything. Without judging whether I am a good student or if I am beautiful. I was just myself. I learned to love and care for myself! ”

R.F, 16 years old, girl

“Everybody was telling me how indecisive I am and that I will not decide what I finally want to study. I was just telling them that I do not know what I’m good at and what I like! So simple. I am very happy that this year I will attend University and will study what I like. I made it!”

K.N, 19 years old, man

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