Do you want to be trained in one of the most recognized programs in the world?

Do you want to boost the journey of your professional life?

From 2010 until today, 150 people from Cyprus joined me in this journey and they are now part of a 20,000-professional team, worldwide!

I thank all of the active members who believe in themselves and the GCDF program.

Thank you for being the reason for me to continue and I wish I could put you all in the video … I know, however, that you are showing your work and give meaning to other people’s lives in all the cities of Cyprus.

My professional journey is reinforced by the video above, by all those who have been trained as GCDF Career Consultants in Cyprus from 2010 until today and by my new team to be welcomed in January 2018!

If you are interested please contact:

+357 25 58 68 86 or